Annex 4

The Report

A Review of the Current Safeguarding Policies, Procedures and Practice within the Catholic Church in Scotland

The McLellan Commission published its Report on 18th August and has made eight key recommendations to Scotland's Catholic Bishops to improve the current standards of safeguarding within the Catholic Church.

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Annex 4

Individuals providing formal evidence to selected members of the Commission

27 August 2014
Mgr James MacNeil and Kathleen McMahon (Argyll and the Isles)

28 August 2014
Bishop Joseph Toal and Bill Crawford (Motherwell)
Archbishop Philip Tartaglia and Sue Jardine (Glasgow)
Bishop John Keenan and Christine Riddoch (Paisley)
Mgr William McFadden and Anne Watt (Galloway)

5 September 2014
Bishop Hugh Gilbert, Rev. Mark Impson and Marjorie Booth (Aberdeen)

16 September 2014
Bishop Stephen Robson and Malcolm Veal (Dunkeld)

22 October 2014
Archbishop Leo Cushley, Mgr Patrick Burke and Angela Hughes (St Andrew’s and Edinburgh)

5 November 2014
Sister Eileen Mearns and HMI John Brown (representing Conference of Religious Scotland – CRSSC)

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