Annex 5

The Report

A Review of the Current Safeguarding Policies, Procedures and Practice within the Catholic Church in Scotland

The McLellan Commission published its Report on 18th August and has made eight key recommendations to Scotland's Catholic Bishops to improve the current standards of safeguarding within the Catholic Church.

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Annex 5

Individuals providing evidence to full meetings of the Commission

12 May 2014
Tina Campbell, National Safeguarding Coordinator for the Bishops' Conference of Scotland

9 June 2014
Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland

8 September 2014
Detective Superintendent Lesley Boal, Police Scotland

13 October 2014
Alan Baird, Chief Social Work Adviser to the Scottish Government
Alistair Gaw, Head of Support Services for Children and Young People, Edinburgh City Council Social Work
Dr Donald Macaskill, Former Minister, Theologian, at time of meeting Associate Consultant with Scottish Care

10 November 2014
Professor Alexis Jay, OBE, author of "Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997-2013)"
Richard Cross, Head of the Safeguarding Service for the Church of Scotland
Rev Karen Campbell, Convener of the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Committee
Sheila Ritchie, Vice Convener of the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Committee
Donald Urquhart, National Safeguarding Adviser for the Scottish Episcopal Church and the District Safeguarding Officer for the Methodist Church in Scotland and Shetland

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